Integrative work on food policy and farm issues have been conducted by Bittman et al. in their article ‘How a National Food Policy could save Millions of American Lives.’ One of the major things that appealed me towards this article is its significant contributions towards the perspectives of Family Farm Movement and the Farm Justice. The key thesis of this argumentative assignment is: whether the farm justice and the family farm perspectives must be included in food policy or not? As justice can prevail and more robust strategy can be created if perspectives of the family farm can be considered.

The voices of farmers were mostly not heard by Obama as per the perspectives of farmers. A significant meeting was also attended and held by Obama related to Iowa farmers. At the other end, it was also advocated by advocates of farm justice that the issues related to cheap food were never focused by Obama. Moreover, for making agribusiness pay instead of subsidies, the programs of Price Floor were never supported by him. For example, no price floors were included in the subsidy approach advocated in Cedar Rapids by Obama.

Moreover, one of the significant issues of seizing the new populist moment under the leaders’ regime such as Ricardo Salvador, Michael Pollan, and Mark Bittman is the misunderstanding of the critical points by them. Both the justice and the knowledge paradigm have not been focused by them which eventually have left us conquered and divided. As Bill Moyer, the movement strategist highlighted that public understanding of the issue must be considered by social movements if they want to be successful.

The second key issue is acquiring the public understanding of the effect of the policy. For instance, the issue of a signature on cheap food. A message got delivered throughout the Food Movement related to the issues in the Farm bill. Along with this, minimum price floors set at fair trade and living wage and the market management programs and policies were not included in this movement. Besides, public knowledge regarding the alternatives of movement is another element that is required for the accomplishment of an auspicious new populist moment. This eventually lies within the subsidy reforms that have not critically focused on the injustice done to the international and farmers of the United States and the cheap food.

In the food movement of the United States, the leaders had been Ricardo Salvador, Mark Bittman, and Micahel Pollan. Therefore, food has been selected as the central descriptive unit by these authors for their statement about the national policy. They also have highlighted significant differences between the food policy and the agricultural policy. On the other hand, the idea of focusing on how the food is consumed and produced has also been considered by them. These two fundamental approaches have been mainly focused on them. That is for management of the throughout the food system and American agriculture; there is no food policy. Along with this, they also have focused upon health and appears to be a critical issue for this article. Besides this, they also have highlighted environmental issues such as a fair wage in the food industry, the treatment of animals, carbon footprint, and climate change.

How Food Policy can save Millions of American Lives?
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