The key question is whether the war over Huawei is all about technology or whether it is about the United States to master over China. Moreover, the vulnerability of both sides of the pressure and difficulties in accomplishing the technological autarchy is shown by the tangled international webs of interdependence between the West and China and most importantly the software and hardware. The fact remains that it is quite easy to start trade wars, but it is quite difficult to stop it. After a considerable amount of pressure from the government of the United States, Google had to withhold its software from the future smartphones of Huawei. However, this is a type of move which both of the companies will regret definitely.

Currently, the miseries of Huawei are quite apparent. It cannot sell anything to customers situated outside China and cannot any longer depend on American chips and American software. Although other defenses are being prepared by the company and it has been stockpiling chips. One of the proximate cause of this war was the disappearance of the international market of the United States including the 5G network equipment. Due to which the ultimate outcome had been the fear of losing the image of international prominence by America and the determination of China in realizing that fear.

However, the cost may appear to be a lot less obvious for Google. As the consumer market of China excluded it already and the sales of Android phones were quite independent of the manufacturing customers who may have purchased a Huawei phone. These customers will most probably prefer a competitive phone in comparison to Huawei, even of the individual branded ones of Google. But the fact is great damages will be brought by this long term and medium term decision.

Currently, Huawei has been under attack as a representative state of Chine. This is the key reason due to which it is perceived as one of the dangerous partners in networks of 5G. This may also be the key reason why it will be defended probably with the state resources as well. This undue pressure by the United States has been resisted by Britain of excluding the Huawei from its 5G networks. However, the network will be based on hardware that may be designed and made abroad. This eventually may result into bugs undoubtedly. Whereas, the security of equipment of Huawei has been verified by CGHQ, however, the outcomes were troublesome if due to malice weaknesses were found.

Huawei versus Google
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