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According to AEI (2004), it was estimated that international students were responsible for approximately £700 minto the economy.  This suggests that the income generated from international students is related to the international marketing campaigns that promote higher education in theUK.  The central government’s international marketing campaigns have largely focused on facilitating the ease with which international students can enter and study in the UK, and this has included streamlining visa requirements, reducing visa refusal rates and the need to constantly reapply, making it easier to work whilst studying, increasing scholarships, providing better information and developing a brand to identify the UK’s higher education institutions as the first option for quality and choice (AEI 2004).

By marketing these benefits and changes they had introduced, the government was able to facilitate entry into the UK and generate interest in the higher education courses.  However, the central government is not responsible for marketing each individual higher education institution, which means that the international marketing process has to be one with continuous monitoring and improvement built into it.  The government can only market those aspects which it can control, such as visa requirements which are usually the most important factor for most international students.  This can also be said to apply to the changes with regards to taking up employments whilst they are studying in theUK.  The higher education institutions will have to consider other factors such as the appeal of their facilities, the quality of education and the support provided to international students.

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Essay: Contribution of International Students in UK Economy
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