The paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the global automobile industry in terms of the operations and production methods being employed by the companies operating in the different regions of the world. The focus of the paper is on the Toyota Production System and the concept of the lean operations which are being utilized by the automobile manufacturers in the industry.

The approach toward the supply chain management is studies and the application of the Toyota Production System at the different levels of the supply and value chain for the automobile companies has been analyzed. The paper takes into account the methodologies of qualitative as well as quantitative research whereby the information is gathered in the form of in-depth interviews based on a questionnaire.

The dissertation is focused towards the analysis of the production management in the global automobile industry. The dissertation initially highlights the aims and the objectives of the dissertation which pertain to providing a comprehensive guide on the application of the Toyota production system in the automotive companies throughout the world and how the constructs of lean operations and just in time inventory management approach can be utilized at all levels of the supply chain management.

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Dissertation Abstract on Toyota
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