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The vision of the organization depicts that the company seeks to be a prominent child care service provider in the region, catering to the needs of the parents and the children in issues regarding supervision of children, early development of children, and providing a suitable environment for the child to safely undergo social and physical development at a tender age.

The main concerns of the organization are the children and their parents, and as a result the company seeks to create positive developmental bonds between the parents and children through the child care centre.


The mission of the company is to provide parents with service regarding day care and early child development to help the child fit into the society while also providing them a head start for their school. The bond between the parents and the children is emphasized whereby an environment is provided where the parents can better understand their children and participate in their development.

Providing support to families and helping them comprehend the needs of their young children are the main objectives or the Caring for Your Children organization.

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Essay: Vision and Mission at Caring for Your Children
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