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Ecommerce is one of the fasted growing and increasingly popular method of business and customer interaction. The instant access and the dynamic characteristics of ecommerce make it a highly viable solution for business that have limited resources in terms of funds and it requires comparatively less amount of capital investment.

In 2007 the HMV Company planned for integrating its retail stores with its ecommerce website. These stores are due to be launched in 2008 and “will feature social hubs that offer free computer access, digital kiosks that allow customers to download content, and access to HMV’s online store. Additionally, in-store concessions from 3, a mobile phone company, as well as a technology section selling digital radios, portable DVD players, and a games demo pad, will be offered.” (‘HMV to span generation gap with new-look stores’, 2007)

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Essay: Ecommerce Advantages for HVM
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