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The advertising and marketing promotions that are employed by the players in the fast food market are numerous, however they are tend to follow the same trend of making use of innovation to determine and devise new methods of attracting children towards their products. “The fast-food industry alone spends $4 billion a year on advertising, much of it directed at children, often featuring plastic toy giveaways, Beanie Babies, or celebrity endorsers. All this would appear to be having the desired effect: One survey found that more children recognized Ronald McDonald than Santa Claus.” (Beaver, 1999)

The most traditional approaches have been to offer selective meals to children, offering them with special packages, discounts as well as attraction branded toys to influence their decision making. Moreover the fast food players also tend to make use of subtle marketing strategies on the mass media and through the mass media in terms of co sponsorships and affiliations with children movies and programs in order to establish a relationship with the child and increase the awareness of the brand amongst the children at an early age. “‘Younger children want toys, while older children [5 to 10] want what’s cool,’ says Tristano. In the past year, he notes that children’s menus have also become more image oriented, reinforcing children’s ability to chose what they want for lunch or dinner. Besides offering a fun, cool image, restaurants also market to families and family occasions, such as the Olive Garden and Pizza Hut, says Tristano, which meets the needs of older children and adults.” (Pellegrini, 2007)

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Essay: Children Focused Advertising
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