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The application of CRM technology in marketing is most profitable as it allows the marketing personnel to divulge into the customers, record their data, perform analysis on the data collected and identify the new trends in their preferences and purchase behavior.

Using CRM allows them to better understand their target market, as well as comprehend what how the target market perceive their products and services. “Agencies can then take a behavior-based approach, focusing on analyzing consumer-client dialogue to actually give customers control of what messages consumers are receiving and how. And it results in marketing programs that are the brainchild of a strategy based on consumer data and insight.” (Whitney, 2006)

Some examples of business making use of CRM technology in marketing can include an apparel retailer who could be gathering customer information through CRM technology at point of sale and using the information to identify which products can be grouped and soled together ad which kind of marketing and branding strategies would be feasible for attracting the customers and making they stay loyal to the store.

Aside from this follow up marketing can also be undertaken using this technology by keeping in touch with the customer and reaching out to them at the specific occasions during the stages of their lives as a consumer. Moreover it is also possible for the business to identify new opportunities for marketing as well as for developing products according to the accurate customer data collected from the customers.

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Essay: Application of CRM technology
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