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The Coca Cola Corporation is one of the strongest brands that exist in the world which provide the company with the significant position of the market leader in the beverages and non alcoholic drinks category. The company’s financials reflect this position of the company in the international market. As of August 18, 2008, the last trade for the Coca Cola Enterprise was at $17.64, with the change percentage being 0.0 percent. The 1y target estimate for the company is $19.50 over a 52 week range. The average volume traded is $3,348,430 with a market cap of 8.61B and an EPS of -$5.65. The dividend & yield for the company is 1.60% at 0.28.

The global beverage industry is a fast moving and competitive consumer durables industry. The global beverages market increased by 3 percent in the year 2007 to arrive at the valuation of $1.2 trillion. The forecast for the market is that by the year 2012 the industry will be valued at $1.4 trillion resulting in an increase of 16.2 percent from its position in the year 2007. The volume which is generated by the industry is 529.3 billion liters for the year 2007, with a forecasted projection of market volume to be 609.4 billion by 2012.

The largest segment or categories of beverages that are traded in the global beverage industry pertain to the wines and spirits at 35.4 percent with the soft drinks following the lead at 20.0 percent. The largest market for the beverage is the European market with a consumption of 53 percent. (‘Global Beverages Industry Profile’, 2008)

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Essay: Company Position of Coca Cola Corporation
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