Implanting the material within the mind is the main purpose why notes are taken down in various contexts, like college lectures. Capturing significant information is the main goal of note-taking. It helps in recalling what information has been retained and learned over the time period. There are six reasons why one must take notes. It helps you in acquiring your academic objectives. In doing so, information overload must be avoided, outlines must be made, and graphs must be made, and the main ideas must be highlighted. It also helps in enhancing your performance.

Research has found that students taking notes score good marks in comparison to those who don’t. Third, it helps in building your interest. Interest in a specific subject can develop later if a student is taking notes. Fourth, it helps in encoding the information, i.e., placing the information in the memory. Fifth, it helps in developing good listening capabilities and concentration. Fifth help in developing the capability of organizing the information. Reviewing of such notes that have all questions, summaries, tables, diagrams, and graphs organized is easy.

In addition to this, notes also help you in the identification of important information, definitions, and terms when one is preparing for examinations and study. Various methods for helping in altering the manner in which one read in accordance with the kind of material one is studying are introduced through note-taking preparation for study. Also, note-taking helps one is gaining organizational, concentration and listening skills. The ability of organization of material is gained through note-taking. The organizational processing of information is enhanced through note-taking. Retrieval of information becomes much better with note-taking. The organized notes do the job of going through piles of notebooks. In addition to this, through note-taking better listening and concentration abilities are acquired. One requires to listen closely and concentrate on the discussion while taking notes.

The Goal of Note Taking
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