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The data collection methods that were employed pertained to using the questionnaire based research instruments through which the respondents of the participants/ respondents were taken on the multiple choice based questions. Two channels for data gathering were employed, of which pertained the internet. Through the internet, soft copies of the questionnaires were sent out to the respondents who, on which the respondents could type in their responses and send back via a returning address provided with the questionnaire.

Aside from another channel was employed to gather information form the respondents which pertained to interview based methods where the researcher spent time with each respondent and aided them to fill the survey, in some cases, filling the questionnaire based on the questions being asked in an interview for the respondent.

Sources of Bias

When undertaking research for any purpose, there is a high chance of bias to be present form the most imitated source which the is the researcher himself. However, when undertaking this researcher, special care was taken to avoid all possible forms of bias. While it was impossible for the researcher to distance himself/ herself from the questionnaire development, survey deployment and information gathering process and procedures, impartially was adopted in order to retain the authenticity of the research and its results. For this purpose triangulated questions were asked in the questionnaire to ensure integrity of the data gathered. The consent of the respondents was also undertaken to ensure the compliance of the respondent and remove any charge against the researcher.

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Essay: Data Collection Methods
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