A critical role is played by education and communication in different institutions and various fields. Effective communication is highly important from an individual perspective as he/she interacts with numerous people, such as colleagues, classmates, different health professionals, family, and friends. Although difficulties might be faced by a person in communicating with various institutions and with different individuals. However, it is quite essential that one must be familiar with the basics of communication. Along with this, he/she must also register her/himself in an education system so that her/his communication habits can be changed effectively. Moreover, for students, the pathway to successful professional and personal future is mastering the skills of effective communication.

For understanding one of the significant factors is communication. It is the method through which information is exchanged and collected by individuals. However, the choice varies according to the quality and quantity of the information acquired. The choice can remain ineffective if information based on choice is unsatisfactory or incomplete. Understanding among two individuals can be enhanced through effective communication. Besides, the foundation of educational experience is based on two factors, i.e., composition and communication. Further, self-assurance is also enhanced through communication. However, it applies that individuals prefer to listen to each other. This helps in passing the information easily to one another. Natural increase within one’s self-esteem takes place if he/she feels that he/she is being listened to carefully.

In addition to this, communication is often preferred by individuals in relieving their stress. They feel light at heart by sharing and communicating their things with other people, like, friends and family. Therefore, such communication also helps them in seeking solutions to their problems. Students can also gain a huge amount of help from communication in group discussions. Moreover, education provides great learning outcomes to students. Furthermore, constant communication with loved ones at different institutions, organizations, workplace, and school helps individuals in becoming happy.

Lastly for nation, organizations and society, one of the essential factors is education and communication. Education helps in improvising the economic growth of a country, in providing a better life to an individual and enhancing self-dependence, and in spreading equality. Whereas communication enhances one’s representation within the organization, it provides relief from stress, and increase one’s happiness, confidence, and understanding level. Therefore, for everybody, it is necessary that they must learn to communicate effectively and enhance their educational prospects. When this happens, we will have a learned society exclusive of prejudice.

The Importance of Education and Communication in Current World
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