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Through the primary data search and the analysis of the data we were able to determine that Unicer and SCC were both operating in the same marketers and facing the same dynamics I the international markets. However the SCC Company was facing much more obstacles in the international market, these were mostly due to the fact that it was a regional company taken over by a UK based company of Scottish & Newcastle. Moreover the presence of the company and its product in limited markets in the region ofAmericasand Asia Pacific also posed as constraints for the globalisation of its brands.

The European market which is the main market for the company also just composed 13 international markets. Unicer on the other hand has much more extensive reach and availability across the world. It is available in most of the international markets inEurope,Americas,Africaand theAsiapacific. However the company is constrained in terms of its marketing efforts as thePortugalregion itself has only a 3.3 percent contribution to the European Beer and Beverage industry, which further limits the contribution and presence of Unicer in the international market. However inPortugalitself Unicer is the largest company operating in the market followed by SCC.

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Essay: Analysis of Primary Research Data
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