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The results of the data collection and analysis depict that the respondents that were interviewed through the questionnaire had been residing in the region for about 5 years. This shows that the people residing in the region have been doing so for a period of time and are satisfied with their location. the questionnaire also depicts that the region is close to the countryside and yet still it provides a myriad of facilities for the residents and people working in the region  Moreover the respondents provided that the region is relatively quiet whole still being London and that its provides easy access to amenities I and around the region.

Moreover the families of the people have also been residing in the region for a long period of time as the crime rate is very low when compared to the rest of theLondon. The region also does not have any significant problem pertaining to crime and violence however people have notices youth and gang members on streets on a number of occasions and who sometimes indulge in violence. Moreover the region also has parking problems and limited bus service which cause some problem for commuters. The people in the region are satisfied with the demographic characteristics of the areas which have remained relatively the same over the period of time. However the region is taking to increasing rates of crimes, which are still lower than the rest of theLondon. The main issues pertaining to crimes are caused by the youth and members of the youth gangs. The main crimes however pertain to vandalism of public and private property as well as petty theft. In most case however the crime was reported to Bus Company, the authorities and the headmasters of the schools to which the youths belonged to.

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Essay: Analysis of Secondary Data Collection
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