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The architecture of the CRM technology as its present currently in the market includes the operational CRM, and the analytical CRM. The operational CRM consists of the front desk applications as well as the pints of interaction where the customer contacts the business. The analytical CRM consists of back office CRM application which is strategic in nature and take into account the comprehension of customer behavior as depicted by the operational CRM. It includes the analysis of the information stored and making extrapolations out of it.

CRM is now sought as an integral tool for marketing which can enable the business to track the behavior and the interaction of the customer related to the business. Moreover people are also employing CRM to further their strategic objectives. “They’re relying on customer management tools to bring real-time intelligence to personalized marketing campaigns-allowing for product pitches to be created on the fly for specific users as they click around a Web site.

‘Now we can serve up campaigns to an individual who comes to a Web site at a particular point in time,’ said Harris-Gordon, a Price Waterhouse Coopers L.L.P. partner in its CRM practice. ‘So the context drives the campaign to essentially make ‘offers of one’ as a result of the interaction that is occurring.’” (Chiem, 2001)

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Essay: Architecture of the CRM technology
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