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There exist other problems and challenges that are to be faced by Wal-Mart which pertains to the communication issue between the international management board and the management that would be present inChinaas well as the communication between the management and the work force. Moreover the region is quite different form Europe,Americasas well asNorth Americain terms of its traditions and the work practices which need to be adopted by Wal-Mart while trying to retain its standard from of operation on an international level.

The work practices in China are based on careful deliberation at the development and planning level with quick action and implementation while the traditional Wal-Mart decision making and management approach is to make use of quick planning and development with implementation which might take extensive time due to discrepancies being revealed at later stages. While this strategy works in the west,Chinais a very different market for operation for the Wal-Mart and can affect its performance in the international market.

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Essay: Diversity and Wal-Mart
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