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The study selected used two types of research methodologies. A qualitative literature review based research was conducted which used previously conducted research on the topic to substantiate why further research is necessary and how the research undertaken can provide significant information. This was the secondary data analysis.

The second approach pertained to the collection of primary data from the respondents. For this study a survey was conducted outside traditional Chinese as well as Western medicine providing pharmacies where the customers were interviewed about their perceptions of Chinese and western medicine. A five point scale bi polar scale was employed. The researchers substantiated the study by undertaking it inSingaporewhich has a well established structure for both traditional Chinese herbal medicine as well as a Western health care system.

The entire population that was available for the study were the people who were interested in either the Western or the traditional Chinese form of medicine. No experiment was conducted in the study; however a survey was conducted to gather data form primary research. For this a sample of one hundred and fifty Chinese customers were served using both English and Chinese languages. The location of the research was outside three pharmacies, two of which were western medicine dispensing pharmacies and one was a traditional Chinese pharmacy.

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Essay: Design and Administration of Research
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