This form of pollution is as life-threatening as many other contaminants across the globe, considering the fact that noise pollution might not always be given much attention. A list of the most common side effects that occur when this contamination takes place is given below.

How does it affect our lives and health?

Sleep disturbances: If not taken care of within the proper time, noise exposure would definitely hinder your sleeping habits. Sleep deprivation can contribute to such habits, such as aggressiveness and frustration.

Hearing loss: This can mess with our hearing when one is subject to noise emissions, which comes from different man-made noises such as jackhammers, (car) horns, heavy machines (vehicles, and etc.), aircraft, as these noises can be too noisy for our hearing ability. This lowers the exposure we have to the vibrations that our ears absorb.

Heart disease: To our bodies, noise pollution is dangerous. Noise exposure may have effects, such as elevated levels of blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and stress. Many of these conditions are associated with heart attacks.

Effects Of Noise Pollution Essay
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