It can be challenging, particularly in a field of science as large as psychology, to try to establish which hypotheses are and are not agreed upon by the scientific community. We have an enormous amount of data in our hands more than ever before, and a basic internet search for any specific research subject may result in a variety of conflicting studies.

We are observing the scientific world going through the process of finding a consensus in these situations, and it may take quite some time before a consensus arises. We will find critics even today, but a consensus is growing. Several specialist associations, such as the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the American Psychological Association, interpret exposure to media abuse as a risk factor for physical violence.

Study, in the end, is what enables the distinction between reality and beliefs. Facts are empirical realities, and access policies, conclusions, or actions that may or may not be precise are views. Evidence may be identified in the science community only through data obtained by observational study.

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