Shortening your workweek could lead to unexpected benefits for both your workers and your company.

  1. More efficiency: Many employers are strongly focused on their job and with a shortened week they are more productive. They take fewer breaks to get things done and zero in when they know they have more time to do what they want or need to do on a day off.
  2. Happier employees: It would most likely make them very happier if you were to convince staff they only had to work 32 hours a week, with a full weekday off every single week.
  3. Reduced absenteeism: Giving workers an extra day for private time reduces the number that they will report in sick or take an additional day off.
  4. Greater loyalty: A reduced workweek is appealing to workers and gives them plenty of versatility. Flexibility is something that many employers would not want to give up, leading to an increase in loyalty to employees. Businesses that provide a reduced workweek are also very uncommon, making it a perfect employee bonus or reward and a good employee engagement strategy for corporate leaders.
Essay: What are the positives of shorter work weeks?
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