Quarantine is essential to minimize the transmission of Coronavirus disease in the population, but it has extreme psychological and socially damaging effects. This is referred to as the paradox of quarantine, which also involves a rise in cases of abuse depending on ethnicity.

There is, however, a clear gap in comprehensive literature that addresses the issue. Therefore, as an element of the COVID-19 lockdown, the new paper seeks to explain gender-based violence. It explores the phenomenon of an increase in cases of gender-based violence and the associated psychological and social challenges and aims to raise consciousness by launching a dialogue encouraging reforms in the response to victims of gender-based violence.

It has been found that pandemic conditions are correlated with advances in the medical field. A part and parcel of this case, though, is the age-old quarantine procedure that has many adverse consequences. This also entails a rise in gender-based violence that poses significant questions regarding women’s wellbeing. A number of non-governmental organizations are standing in to offer the required assistance to these victims as the legislators gave and steps taken by governments are falling short of dealing with the issue.

Research Paper: Gender-Based Violence During COVID-19 Pandemic
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