The topic of cultural diversity describes a situation where unique features identified with cultural identity, status, and socio-economic factors vary among the group members. In most areas of the world, with growing migration, the degree of diversity in modern communities continues to rise.

It is a broad range to grasp the impact of this ethnic diversity on the economy, but it is considered a priority for a lot of people with respect to civil ties and living conditions. There is a detrimental relationship between development and ethnic diversity, faith, and the standard of public goods.

The connection between production and wealth and the country of origin is also positive. The historical prevalence of problems related to ethnic diversity is justified by literature.

Problems of racial diversity can not only be found in organisations, but also in society as a whole. The Western part of the world has been impacted by increased migration in recent decades, resulting in a varied ethnicity.

Essay: Challenges of Ethnic Diversity
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