Media production can be defined as a process that converts an idea into a video. Completion of the media production process requires various components that include, hiring people for the shoot that is a cameraman, lighting experts, set construction workers, and so on. The process also includes post-production editing, which determines visual and sound effects. The most influential part of any production is its actors and characters that help the production to remain successful with their effortless acting.

Actors are required to perform different characters in the production, they need to ensure their acting is effortless that will allow them to enhance the overall production in which they play a significant role, however, if they fail to do so it will create a negative impact on the production. Actors with a greater fan following are considered while hiring the cast and crew for any particular production.  Actors that are able to portray their roles effectively in television shows are able to create a bond with their viewers and will result in successful production. In order to prove himself as a superior actor, it is necessary for the actor to show full commitment vocally and physically to their characters. Those actors should be able to make clear and appropriate choices to support their characters.  Actors should be heard and understood throughout the entire production which will enhance the production. On the other hand, if actors have limited projection and articulation skills then it would be difficult for the viewers to follow the play. To support and enhance the production, actors that are a part of the play should consistently display appropriate movements, facial expressions, and gesture

There have various successful productions as a result of superior and excellent performances by its actors. For instance, the Big Bang theory has been the most popular TV show in recent times, as the actors have been able to portray their characters effectively and efficiently. These characters are able to successfully identify and perform the goals of their characters; they are able to successfully overcome obstacles that are associated with performing their characters in the show efficiently. Actors play appropriate actions clearly and consistently in order to enhance their performance and simultaneously enhance the production. Actors need to develop effective acting skills to shape their acting according to the role that they are obliged to play in the show. Therefore, actors do not like to be instructed on the way they should perform their roles.

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Essay on Media Production and Role of Actors
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