The entire work process and procedure is mentioned below:

Working Process at Essay Live

Step 1

The customer orders an academic paper on a specific topic of a course.

Step 2

The paper is immediately assigned to a writer of the relevant field

Step 3

The writer reads the paper requirements, instructions and makes a work plan according to the deadline assigned by the customer

Step 4

The writer makes a detailed research on the topic, collects the updated information and other data appropriate for the content of the academic paper.

Step 5

The draft is written for the purpose of accuracy, and the final paper is written in proper format, citation as required by the student, strong vocabulary and no writing errors in it.

Step 6

The final paper is forwarded to the editor who reads and approves the paper which is 100% original, non-plagiarized and authentic. In case if any flaws in it, the paper is sent back to the writer for the corrections and then sent back to the editor for the approval. This effort is made to ensure quality in the paper. It is not delivered to the customer unless approved by the editor.

Step 7

The approved paper is delivered to the customer at the email id provided in the order form.

The customer has a time of three weeks to read the paper and get free revisions as many times as wanted. Until the customer is not satisfied, the writer will make free revisions within three weeks of the delivery of paper.